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Derek Anderson, Browns QB (9/1/09)

Sep 1, 2009|

Scappoose native and former Oregon State QB, Derek Anderson of the Cleveland Browns joins Issac and Suke discussing the never ending battle with Brady Quinn.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Cleveland Browns quarterback Derek Anderson joining us now on to anything good to have you back on man -- aria. Good what we ran into you at the -- sports awards that believes last time aside -- and eating outs fun in the offseason this year. Little group blue group goal -- not a crazy -- Girl or elsewhere Gholston relax which he can't. All probably slowly three he played -- -- actual. Stellar. On you're your. How are things gone with -- quarterback competition -- IU are you concerned. Derek we were talking about this -- that may be the outcome of that competition might be predetermined. -- -- -- -- that. Because you're kind of trying to draw the card -- a billion and markers when I was reminded of corruption. We don't be the first thing bigger than there tree and it. I thought or attention can't control the things that I can control. Is is it weird because when you first entered the league it's like your plane. For your job your plane just to stay in the league when you get the big contract he got some security. But now Europe was back in that same boat where every snap you know -- -- play for NFL career but your playing for your job. Okay. Certainly you play or every day something maybe. Thought in your garden cause you know view that everything the evaluation process and so it longer orders wilders presence. This. -- not playing well in. We get size six the week the government will work out or overlook -- that'll bring your garden. On quarterbacks here it's. So the terms -- and so it's go to governor gave every day. What's changed for me for you from the time yet to the NFL to the Pro Bowl season to now as far as your game. All about go to progressed -- got better -- Altogether the stellar spring. It goes murders and -- -- it doesn't -- Brandon -- it is -- Girl much and -- -- -- -- never agree I agree can't understand they're often world. Oh goodness already deployed to understand differences mourners there are trying to do. And also doctor -- being they'll continue -- normal everyday route. Derek Anderson Browns quarterback is our guests -- on the fan. Your team guy I mean it -- if you don't win the job I have no doubt you you're gonna settle into your role and do a fine job but ultimately is it important for you to -- consistent starter in this league. Up I think anybody that. The play against. Not distraught after court -- chicken suit your -- or record has not because there's ultimate goal. Let -- have just -- that. Oh on the street -- interpret that carries some rural. Support Martinez should be ready for this chance so -- -- going to trade him very recently here are. Being started covering starter whether it is you know controversial. All order and our fair play like that. Do you Brady Quinn have a relationship or is it just very professional of you go by and you both the your jobs and kind of go your separate ways. -- -- Doing mark whether -- capable of election as soon because she. Looks like -- -- might -- remind him. Ordered -- once every couple weeks -- beating. Beavers put on. -- important -- at. What's that guy like giving me any DC a lot of you know maybe you when you came in the league in in some of the things he says and does. At all would trigger pretty well. Piloted. An industry -- producers from vulnerable player but I got a -- Federer muttered shall I go up a little Britain Ireland just will look to compensate the yeah we -- developing their -- room. Old Borough of brother did you realize there are virtual -- close with his. Belt before. The guy -- -- -- with the coaching changes there have been a new system in place you've had to learn or is it largely stayed the same. Although. Of four quarters in five years so some certain books. -- -- moon is the word to -- throw Rose and think. I -- promote scoreboard. At the corner they record here for more intruders virtually impossible. Shall we were in battle or the process of what they want and you know football where the football -- on Google it they wanted to. I don't understand everywhere and you know each other's been in the process or. A difficult is that when you finally start to grasp an offense you feeling comfortable and it and then hit the rug gets pulled out from underneath you and someone has to do some completely different. All the small in the beginning -- -- directors and so used to doing a long way. Also there in -- -- player -- their own they have a different idea -- different reason. Or are to get if you've been doing Super Bowl season there -- -- -- -- can -- you -- you know candidate so during the computer read progression through things with. -- like a thing as a collegiate all corners in. Particular we've been getting better today. How's the field different. Under Eric Mangini just in general around the team. The bigger I think during the beginning Denver. I saw a little hole there all along however insurer. -- are really like where it is going to conduct practices and really this situations and making sure that. Probably a quarter were actually. They can understand situation of all the old thirteen and everybody understands. You know whatever it was supposed to be doing well in certain times. The well I think it is pretty cool during the straighten. We actually got a full day of practice where the trick play it often obviously different when against each other. I think that kind of game a little worse picture the award. Sure had to do is critical. Would you play. All -- -- -- -- another quarter Rex over all the should we ran off for the players for four to -- talented. -- of linebackers flint tied it hit deep inside your the bill kinder guys to move and stroke or. Who's the best athlete on your team if someone had to make the switch and media set the ball who could do it. Although. Significant skill players visual brought in barn -- most athletic team being. And while there have been around my upper -- lower. There'll be a big small. Things in those that are consistent basis a lot bigger than him being a pleasing sport the computers -- Eight I know you can't give me it had a deadline -- let me know if women in the ballpark of his way if if I said 370. In my close. Better. But he's under pressure on -- zone there. It under. -- -- but in my close. Our. It didn't. He's one of those guys can he really be blocked. Honestly it 101. By -- when you have rating went in the NFL I mean I know guys can get his way but the actual notion of being blocked moving him off the line of scrimmage removing him where. You want him to go can it be done. Every element and going and going into it and he's healthy and they're aggressive there's. Human -- could stop from world war. For that are -- big double teams. But his body or -- guys. He didn't induce change things are so good news. Almost gifted the cursing. Sort it is likely to Detroit for. Three years and wanted to talk and say things like use of streak rushing play basketball like -- -- Political figure a little boy part of their war from kindergarten and actresses. Like. -- -- -- -- -- with the Browns quarterback Derek Anderson I want to ask you about Braylon Edwards. How big of the year is this guy poised for or other real issues they're -- that that are going to make it difficult for him to be the consistent. You know stud receiver we'd seen him show flashes of. Although I think this one of these other great camp that agree -- You know each other came back focusing. Understood little Lester. Won't bet your very involved. Wasn't one person's all in general and Rivera because -- offense is bad bet. At all these music that's a war we will make big players understand all -- dropped Fiedler has -- I think he's going to after bigger force. I Derek at thanks for Colin nor shall always -- over the men elected that at quarterback competition. Are you too. Derek Anderson stepped whose native firmly --

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