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Feb 5, 2014|

Angie joins Isaac and Suke to discuss Oregon State's 2014 football recruiting class and what holes where filled by Mike Riley and his staff.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Here on national sign hey let's get the unbiased view on what is going on with the beavers recruiting class from beaver blitz dot com Leo welcome to the show in -- China hi Angie how are you. Do well thanks for join us so let's just get. The basics out of the way let's identify kind of what Oregon State needed the most out of this class. Enabling you to compete at linemen and linebackers and compete b.s especially now the deputy -- back and they addressed the issues for the most part and -- have a blocking a eight. Huge huge could from the -- -- -- today especially landed in a couple they kind get -- at the last minute. -- -- nine defensive linemen in this class that I -- correctly. It's crazy I mean and three of them came to date so. I mean big time pick up organs especially the Scott -- leaving for the NFL early. Standouts in that group alone and we can get to some of the other units that their names that that the listeners need to know. Came honey bucket made a lot lows is the number one right. I can -- quite big time 300 -- to tackle. -- opera -- to -- a specially in the northwest school -- -- trip to Washington State and Washington and its book they'd committed to Oregon State. They can be dealt with kind of a and not that committed to speculate on an island commit. Goes in January commit issue. Of connect communication issues there he opens things up again and then today he announced that the current target state. Well -- you know at that at began purportedly that I've Evans creek star rated rivals that. -- -- Potentially be you know he's another 300 pound kid I don't think I help Huckabee -- implement an eighty cent last year at a street at college student all of I had the Chico. And that we got yesterday that he is ready to go so I'm she is expected -- spring and advocate big picnic current state. Does -- wind can have a nickname. Has now then that's -- -- on what was his name again here Monte Carlo. Hello we just sweet we cut that out and we just we we keep in DC and in any time we need forever and we just played -- it perfect. -- -- -- -- -- Let's is going weekend how about just colony so then on how many kids they get I heard it was a big class and how strong is the class in your opinion. You lack talent is an electric I thought they really didn't think what astute writers secret last year. Am I wouldn't -- it -- be great -- it's highly Atlanta but they did is something I do think -- hit maybe you know could be undervalued when it all credit event. Maybe got a star power that he'd be canceled like to see but the need kids really especially in you know late at her January. Really -- -- recruitment pick up especially in Oklahoma kid Jonathan Willis. And then immersed in Texas athletes that it -- the exit from of those schools are coming after hard and make a push so. A lot about it and talked about the you know -- I look at that actually shark bit but at kids that. I don't even necessarily making a huge impact. You know this coming here. Give them at your accent programming to compete -- big thanks. You mentioned -- who I think people are expecting to play and Mauricio is goes a couple of -- -- it's can we see a couple of those guys. You know penciled in May be is it as starters. You know as soon as they arrive on campus. You know people can -- with a big ones especially liked it quite -- that let. You know -- previous estimate it would depth they picked up at can't keep that from the LP at Michigan that BYU guy. Named baker pitcher he -- from the 2011 o'clock out of south Jordan -- And that he looked like a last minute additions will be here to bring -- well. He's down to forty right now would that be what you -- the protection seventy. I'm not good weight with him and definitely compete you know him. Having in trying to help shore up that he and couldn't spot. This is inching its -- from -- blitz dot com. -- you mentioned Texas what it seems to me that the -- state staff has been very did. But in Texas and that is obviously a fertile recruiting ground in. Lot of competition down there what has been any recipe for or against state of all places success in the state of Texas. I didn't so much talent -- there and you look at the puck -- what might it to start but to chart part that may be better. Athlete better prospect of maybe appear Forestar you know maybe that they report that not at all as the early. For the cat that really have the success of the Rodgers Brothers and in some of these guys at covenant made an impact. Coaches know that you know I welcome to know that and know that Antarctic picnic at maybe -- recruited heavily. And -- turn them into something it you know and they get the Texas texas' TCU would be -- of the world economy late Oklahoma. These schools are coming in late overlooking died early. And I try to make a push at the end but a lot of these guys maybe at that maturity to say you know a mystical the program that has been with -- -- -- So who -- India headliner players and he talked about a couple of the key names on the defensive line that -- who who are kind of the big guys that. That are the marquee names in this entire class. Wide receiver he can tighten -- -- -- -- and I -- talking about. Rate you'd -- 480. Pound lighter -- or did they offered him early which got a lucky soccer in very athletic aggressive. You know wide receiver he broke his foot which is that even -- aggravate it -- act opposite. And that just within the past probably three weeks exit the -- -- -- is -- you know coach Patterson coming up and he used that. They use people they get conservative pat and other force are rival had another reached he's big and he I think everybody kind of forget about. But the transcript that -- -- and Alabama quarterback cam and it kept Hillary has done. He is answering the spring -- state won't be eligible this year but you know -- cash on -- and it set. You'll be in the competition for twenty -- Yeah I was gonna ask about that next so who else is in the competition and Tony fifteen. We have -- the current diet so. The entire intervene into. Can't I can't and then according to also -- market that Mary and at a opinion but California. And nick Mitchell out -- on so called. I like the arm as seen on the Mary and typically strong arm can make. A lot of heat stroke or they like to make that he went to Catholic and I and it's well. What do you think they're gonna do it offensive coordinator. He got an interest they could cut Reilly had said. All along to end the week after signing day I don't heading down to Florida corporation -- -- the cup trophy award. You know initially. It makes sense may promote promote from within and look them up. -- there's been a huge huge outpouring of lot of people on a name out there still. It would be nice to see any kind of like commitment new ideas and I think the key thing now the person pat. Great recruiter. Ranked T think that he'll continue to call plays or he wants to pass that off. You know I think it would -- public you know philosophically it is on the same page in which obviously I think I think you could be important to him. I think that would be you know talking about is the best interest of everybody. -- don't think they'll may be. You bring and a fresh advising and maybe this offense it's tweaked a little bit you've you've heard some rumors about that. In May be they they do go to more of an up tempo and on the certainly spread concepts but. You know -- -- ABC and a little bit of -- a change in offensive philosophy with this higher. You know it could happen now I built the at you know moving to spread at all -- totally in everything which -- Has built -- totally built on the coast offense and spread greatly about. I'm a coach that's aren't staying attachment advocate that's -- my expertise is. Let everybody else -- and you become kind of a gimmick offense but nobody knows how to defend so you know everybody's building their defense to stop -- spread. Experts say it pros at a USC has felt a lot tougher to stop and I don't want it appears though. But the up tempo maybe no huddle. And he could definitely see you know coming to play. All right good stuff thanks for the report -- this is changing the shadow beaver blitz dot com appreciated antique. All right take care. That's into the -- from the booklets that come pride doesn't sound like there are many surprises for Oregon State's they're kind of that meaty part to bilk her when they always are down very strong on the defensive line linebacker indeed be positions that's what they needed most to me in me -- delivered they've filled them. And got the transferred Jack Del -- -- that's kind of fun. Yankees when he walked on an Alabama but it earned the spot and they thought highly of them and that's one of those cases that he'd just. Winning that job at that school is is very difficult to do.

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